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New 2009 photos and trip reports on the News page.

Welcome to Manitou Island
Bird Survey

In 2002 a group of Keweenaw birders began a survey of the birds of Manitou Island, off the tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula in Lake Superior.    Through 2007 we've made seventeen visits to Manitou totaling 63 days and we've recorded 204 species.   We've documented a very large raptor migration to Manitou in the spring.  In both 2002 and 2003 we recorded over 700 raptors on Manitou in just a few days.  On the 24th of April 2006 we recorded over 1300 raptors in the air at one time!  During four visits during the breeding season we've recorded a list of over 80 species as at least possible breeders and have confirmed 12.   Both our spring and fall visits show a significant flow of waterbirds passing by Manitou.    

During 2007 we made one weeklong visit and in the spring of 2008 we will be sending observers to Manitou in late May to check on late migration of raptors and passerines, to look for early breeding species and to make a special effort to find breeding owls.

We've been supported financially by:   the Copper Country Audubon Club, a Michigan DNR Non-Game Heritage Grant, the Michigan Breeding Bird Atlas II, Laughing Whitefish Audubon of Marquette and several private citizens.  Over 90% of our funding so far has gone to pay for transporation to and from the island.  Our observers volunteer their efforts. Any financial help would be greatly appreciated.

Golden Pasty Award
We are a proud winner of the Golden Pasty Award



Snowy Owl

Immature Bald Eagle chased by gull

Ruby-crowned Kinglet